Unearth Wyong Newsletter – June 2013

Written by Roman Paull, Secretary – Wyong District Museum & Historical Society.

Alison Homestead Rebuild

The Committee wishes to thank everyone for their loyal support with the rebuilding of the Alison Homestead now back on track. Since the last newsletter there has been a change of attitude from some of the Councillors. Members from our society were invited to a meeting with the Mayor, Councillors, Council staff and a member from Webber Architects Newcastle at Hely Street. Our patron and State MP Darren Webber was also in attendance. Positive results were achieved from this meeting. Three options of plans for the rebuilding of the Homestead are now on display at Alison Homestead Men’s Shed for all members to view. However, there is still some discussion to occur on one or two issues, such as, whether three chimneys should be saved or only two.

Cost of the restoration of the Alison and Stinson Rooms plus the new building should be finalised sometime in early July. we hope before the AGM, which is to be held at 10am Saturday 27 July, at Alison Homestead Men’s Shed.

It has been 1½ years since the Homestead was destroyed. A very special thank you to Lee Frame. Lee’s contacts with the local community gave us the extra support to convince our Councillors the Homestead should be rebuilt. A special thank you for the support from our office volunteers who come in every Tuesday and Wednesday, Liz and Joan, the new members Ellie, Pam, Chris, Anita, Patrick, Ateekah and Sue (who has cataloged several donated books and started a library) and Sue (who looks out for funding opportunities and has been successful in receiving two grants). In addition there is Sam and Brendan who assist with the office work. They are all a great team. I hope they will all be able to attend our AGM so that they can be introduced to our senior members.

Alison Homestead Men’s Shed


The Alison Homestead Men’s Shed was officially opened on 13 May 2013 by Sate MP Darren Webber. In attendance was Mayor, CR Doug Eaton and Councillor Bob Graham. On the day there was a crowd in excess of 100. representatives from Brisbane Water Historical Society, Wyong Senior Citizens and various Central Coast Men’s Sheds were also in attendance. a beautiful morning was topped of with a BBQ.

Congratulations to President Greg Denning for the hard work he put into getting the Alison Homestead Men’s Shed off the ground. To complete the Men’s Shed we have been promised further grants to fund the cost of connecting power to the shed, adding a disabled path through the Barker Barn to the Men’s Shed and adding water tanks. Greg has recently received quotes for the above and work will commence in the very near future.

Annual General Meeting

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the AGM is on Saturday 27 July 2013 at 10am at the Alison Homestead Men’s Shed. To vote you must be a financial member, annual fees are due 1 July 2013. New members who joined early this year note their membership will carry over to the end of June 2014. Membership fees remain the same as last year: $15 for single membership, $25 for a family.

We welcome anyone who would like to join the Wyong District Museum & Historical Society. You can contact us for further details by phone: (02) 4352 1886 or email: info@alisonhomestead.org.au.

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