About Eddie Stinson

These history notes are contributed to Valley Ventures by one of our members, Max Farley.

Edward Stinson (1912-1989)

Edward Stinson (1912-1989)

The name “Stinson” is familiar even if only because of Stinson’s Lane. Edward Stinson, a schoolteacher, was known in the Valley primarily because of the series of publications he compiled on the Pictorial History of the Wyong Shire. These are of huge value to anyone wanting to learn more of the Valley’s history. 

Eddie’s forebears came to Yarramalong Valley in 1856. He was born in 1912 and lived for the greater part of his life at Hillview with his brother, Harry, and died in 1989. They were bachelors. Hillview was the family home a few metres down from, and opposite, the entrance to Stinson’s Lane.

A contributed item in  A Pictorial History of the Wyong Shire, Volume 6, says “his hobbies included reading, writing, listening to vocal music (especially lieder) solving cryptic crossword puzzles, enjoying the company of his many friends and walking in the great world of nature which quite fascinates him”.

What was not written was that he also had a great interest in art, so much so that in his will he bequeathed a large amount to the NSW Art Gallery. He stipulated that the interest was to be used to purchase major works by artists of established reputation such as Dobell and Drysdale. It is understood that the principal now, in 2013, is in the vicinity of $600,000.

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SOURCES: Max Farley, A Pictorial History of the Wyong Shire, Volumes 1-6, Edward Stinson.


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