Two Drown in Car

A tragic accident was reported in The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 10 July 1944.

Crash Over Bridge in Fog


WYONG, Sunday – Two men were drowned after their car crashed through a bridge into Porter’s Creek in a dense fog, early this morning.

The two men were Robert Thompson, 22, farmer, and Noel Allan Joseph Fernance, 21, an A.I.F. soldier on leave. They were returning from a dance at Kulnura when the tragedy occurred.

The car was not discovered until after dawn to-day, when a pedestrian observed that the bridge, which is on the outskirts of Wyong, had been damaged. Then he saw the wheels of the car above the water, which is five feet deep.

Wyong police were notified, and dragged the car from the creek with a lorry and tackle. The bodies were huddled on the floor in the front of the car.

Thompson’s father died recently and his brother was lost in operations with an R.A.A.F. squadron in England.

The old Porters Creek Bridge [photo David Spratt 1983]

The old wooden bridge over Porter’s Creek, Wyong [Photo David Spratt 1983]

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SOURCES: Trove Digital Newspaper ArchiveNSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages Historical Indexes; A Pictorial History of the Wyong Shire, Volume 5, Edward Stinson.


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