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The Wyong District Pioneers Association is a group of local residents who have historic connections to the Wyong district dating back (in some cases) to the mid-1800s.

In 1915, the elder pioneers of the Wyong and Brisbane Water areas began holding dinners and social events, such as cricket matches and picnic days as a way of socialising, relaying stories of their youth and chronicling the rich history of the area.

Brisbane Water & Wyong District Pioneers’ Dinner, 1915 Front Row: (seated L to R): Silas Taylor, Joe Lilley, John Smith, W. Cottrell Snr, John Goldsmith, George Taylor, James Buscombe, John Robley, Ed Hawkins, J. Martin, Edward Beattie, William Coulter. 2nd Row (L to R): W. Baldwin, John Ree, Charles Peck, Allan Waters Snr, allan Waters Jr, James Kibble, George Smith, Manasseh Ward, Harry Morris, James Boyd, Michael Smith, F. G. McPherson. 3rd Row (L to R): Patrick Humphreys, William 'Jilliby' Smith, Fred Salmon, –?- Harrison, J. Morris, Matthew Woodbury, Albert Walmsley, S. Wright, George Jaques, H. Moir. Back Row (from centre of first window): Fred Klumpp, Joseph Bailey, Thomas Murray, Mick Perry, Edward 'Ned' Kennedy, H. Mead, W. Cottrell Jr, James Harvey.

Brisbane Water & Wyong District Pioneers’ Dinner, 1915

Today the Wyong District Pioneers Association membership is strong. We volunteer and work closely with the Wyong District Museum & Historical Society at Alison Homestead. We are currently planning Pioneer Centenary Celebrations for the October long-weekend in 2015. The “back to Wyong weekend” will include a meet-and-greet, a formal dinner and a family day at the Homestead, which will coincide with the opening of the newly built museum.


15 thoughts on “Wyong District Pioneers

  1. My husband, Robert Jaques, is a great grandson of George Henry Jaques who we understand attended the Brisbane Water & Wyong District Pioneers dinners in the early 20th century. We are currently gathering information about G H Jaques and his brother Alfred Snaith Jaques who settled at ‘Palm Grove’ and Pride of the Valley’ at the western end of Ourimbah Creek Road around 1880. We are therefore wondering what records of the historical dinners and other events are in existence? We would also like to keep in touch regarding the centenary celebrations to be held in 2015.
    Sue Jaques

    • Hi Sue and Robert,
      Thank you for getting in touch, I will add your email to our news list and keep you informed of our upcoming Centenary Celebrations. I will ask our member at our meeting this Saturday to see what information we can dig up in the records. I know there is a headstone in the Jilliby Cemetery for an X-ray Jaques.
      Kind regards
      Susan Buck

    • Sue, There is quite a bit of information at the site, The Muddles of Buxstead.
      My gran, Clarice, daughter of Alfred Snaith, told me that they hosted dinners for the Australian cricket team.
      Alfred and George married sisters Eliza and Amelia daughters of the widow Elizabeth Muddle, née Creighton.

    • Sue,
      In organising collectables etc accumulated over the last 30 years all stored in my shed I have a collection of letters, most 1914/15 from a Percy Leader to a Vida Jaques of Palm Grove, Ourimbah. There might be 80-100 and I’ve only just skimmed a couple – most are basic “love letters” missing you, can’t wait to see you next Saturday etc but there is also some excellent content re the war effort etc. Most are in envelopes, a bit mixed up and all the stamps have been removed. I honestly don’t know where I got them from but they must be invaluable to a family history researcher. I’m happy to pass them on if you would like them. I found this site and your comment by a google search of Jaques Palm Grove but coincidentally I’m also Wyong born & bred.
      Email if you would like them tsonter@bigpond.net.au

      • Hi Tony

        I would be absolutely delighted to receive these letters. Miss Vida Jaques was a daughter of George Henry Jaques, an early pioneer of the Ourimbah Creek valley. George was my husband’s great grandfather. His daughter Vida married Mr Percy Leader and Vida’s brother Lindsay married Percy’s sister Marion Leader. Lindsay and Marion were my husband’s grandparents. I am researching the history of the Jaques family and the Ourimbah Creek valley and the letters will be a wonderful addition to the material I am collecting. I have emailed you directly and look forward to hearing from you and am so pleased that you have taken the trouble to track down the family to ensure that such valuable historical items are not lost forever.


        Sue Jaques

  2. X-ray was my gran’s youngest brother and died of meningitis at 32. Alfred Snaith Jaques was my great grandfather.

    • Hi Beth,

      I’m also a Great Great Grandson of Alfred Snaith & Eliza Ann Jaques
      I would love to catch up with everyone actually

      William (Black Bill )& May Jaques is my Great grandfather & mother

      My mum is the Palmdale Jaques

    • Hi Beth who was your Gran was it Aunty Naomi Nain,Aunty Sophia Maria or Aunty Clarice Clare I was very fortunate in meeting my Great Grand Aunt Nain I use to visit her regularly with Grandma Jaques before she passed

      • My gran was Clarice Jaques, no Clare in her name. That was short for Clarice.
        Why was Bill called BLACK BILL?

      • Murray,
        I knew Aunty Nain well and Aunt Sophia or Aunt as she was often called as eldest sister. Yes, I would like to hear from you.

  3. Hi Beth,

    How are you ?

    Yes Aunty Nain passed away in Liverpool Nursing home on Elizabeth Drive ….. We use to visit her there when we’d call to see Grandma Jaques neighbour

    Aunty Nains eldest son Graham who was my Grandpop (Eric Alfred Kimpton Jaques) cousin was the Store Manager at the old Coles Liverpool Macquarie Street

    I use to visit Uncle Horace Jaques youngest son Uncle Kevin Jaques in Narromine NSW and I use visit Uncle Oscar Jaques Uncle Arnold & Aunty Ethel’s son

    I just recently connected with Cherrie there Granddaughter who advised me of her mum & Oscars passing

    I would love to catch up with you to Beth…… I’d love to learn more about Aunty Clarice & share some of my family memories

    Great to hear from you

    • Hello, Murray and Happy New Year to you. I am a little confused. Aunty Nain did not have a son, Graham, only Phil and Mervyn and the girls.
      How did Bill get black Bill as the family was Yorkshire Huguenot and Anglo Irish and the line can be traced back easily?

      Kind Regards. Beth

  4. Hi Jaques descendants
    Somehow in one of my many auction purchases I’ve purchased a bundle of correspondence from a Percy who lived at 30 Ormond St. Paddington to his “Own Ever Dearest Vida” who was Miss Jaques of “Palm Grove” via Ourimbah. There’s probably 30-40 letters many in original envelopes (unfortunately all stamps removed) From reading several letters it appears Percy worked for the Post Office in “Sydney” and travelled every weekend to Ourimbah on the train to see Vida. Most are dated 1914/1915 with lots of comments about the war effort etc.
    Obviously they would be invaluable to a family historian. I have no idea where they came from & I may have had them for 20-30 years as I’ve just come across them in a “shed rationalisation”. Email me if you want them tsonter@bigpond.net.au – first in best dressed? I only found this site by a google search of Jaques Palm Grove but I am actually Wyong born & bred!

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